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Will I Ever Find Love? Fix These 4 Innocent Mistakes To Find Love

The fact that you are even asking yourself the question “will I ever find love?” tells me that you are more likely to find love than not. Here’s why: The people out there who truly never find love, aren’t open and vulnerable enough to ask that question, even to themselves. Not only that, but the fact that you’re asking this question means that you’re feeling pain regarding not having the love you want.  Feeling the pain of not finding love

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Mistakes Women Make to Destroy Sexual Polarity with Men

So many relationships today are crippled under the force of depolarization and loss of sexual polarity. I will start with a definition of depolarization: To partially or completely eliminate or counteract the polarization of.  Where on earth does this word come from and what does it mean in the context of your relationship with men? What it means is that within your relationship, if one of you doesn’t play/embody the feminine energy and the other doesn’t play the masculine energy,

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Why Can’t Women Be Honest About Wanting Long Term Commitment?

Here’s a great question from my facebook group for high value feminine women regarding the apparent inequality between women and men in dating. Where, before even having a first date, men can state their intentions for casual no-strings-attached sex, but seemingly, women cannot state their intent for something long-term (ie: commitment from a man) before a first date? (Read my article on How To Go From Self Sufficient Single To Connected Couple?) It’s OK For Men To State Their Desire

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How To Attract The Right Man – 3 Reasons You Can’t Find A Boyfriend Yet

You may be asking yourself “why am I not meeting the right guy?”. It’s a good question, and it’s great that you’re asking good questions! There are a few good answers, and I’ll give you the answers to the question of how to find the right man in this article. How You May Be Ruining Your Chances Of finding the right man for you You’re single and attracting a man who wants a committed, loving relationship with you seems impossible. If

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Why You Can’t Trust People & 6 Hidden Signs They’re Untrustworthy

If you find yourself thinking “I can’t trust anyone”, you are not alone. It’s not just you. I will be the first to say that most people you meet are probably not worth your full trust.  Not because they are bad people, but because people are people.  (And I will explain in depth what that really means, shortly.) The conversation about the trustworthiness of humans spans so many contexts.  From men and women having bad experiences with the opposite sex

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How to Deal With Jealous Women:

A more physically ‘perfect’ or glamorous woman needn’t always cause jealousy among other women. But a beautiful, feminine woman can cause enormous jealousy. If you’ve always been a beautiful and feminine woman, you would have experienced countless jealous looks and perhaps even jealous schemes, engineered by other women. It’s everywhere. And you can be a plain Jane and cause this jealous stir among other women, because you have something other women feel they do not; the amazing and mysterious force

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How to Be A Real Lady In 2021

Have you seen one lately? A lady, I mean. I had to scratch my head a few times to think of one. There are the ‘traditional’ types of ladies, such as Audrey Hepburn and a more modern example – Kate Middleton. Then there are the modern ladies who dress the part, but whose choices in life are coloured by the progressive world we live in. These modern ladies may not be considered a ‘lady’ by the old style ladies. It’s

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How To Make Him Miss You in 5 Simple Steps (Backed by Psychology)

How to make him miss you badly?  On one hand, this seems like a manipulative question.  On the other hand, not so much.  Why? Because if you truly want a man to miss you, it probably means that you want him to be invested in you.  …And that’s perfectly normal. Here’s a video I made for this topic, “How To Make Him Miss You in 5 Simple Steps’… 5 simple steps to make him miss you (…Backed by psychology &

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How To Tell If A Guy Likes You: 6 Signs & 1 Test!

How to tell if a guy likes you?  There’s a difference between a guy who genuinely does like you, and a guy who is just using you, or pulling your strings.  It’s important to understand the difference.  If you don’t know the difference, you could get dragged into the wrong kind of “situationship” with a guy. Does he like me? Signs he likes you Does he actually like me or is he just pulling my strings? Does he actually like

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The Cost of Being A One Dimensional Woman | The Feminine Woman

If you want to have men attracted to you and committed to you in the long run, then you have to become more than just a one dimensional woman. What is a one dimensional person? A one dimensional person is someone who makes certain parts of themselves wrong, or ‘unworthy’. Similarly, a one dimensional person is someone who uses up so much of their available energy on one domain that they can’t be the full range of personalities inside of

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